Why I Love Wednesday

We’re just massively overscheduled this fall and the proof is that Wednesday, the day without anything, has become my favorite day of the week.  It’s the day when we have time for things like extra math games, longer read alouds on the sofa, and cooking a hot lunch then watching a documentary or an episode of Mythbusters while eating it.  On Wednesday, I can send the kids to the park in the middle of lessons when they’re getting giggly and rambunctious and have a set of Bananagrams tiles ready with a puzzle for them when they get back.

Basically, on Wednesday, we have time for the fun school stuff.  Some things on my fun school shelf that we’ve gotten to recently on Wednesdays includes…

On Wednesday, we have time to get bored and end up finding our way into projects like this where we build with the Lego power functions and play around with making the gears work.  There were many shouts of triumph when we made this thing go last week (and more gleeful shouts, I’m sure, when they finished another model, complete with lights and reverse with the Husband yesterday).

Some of our activities end soon.  Piano takes a break.  Soccer ends.  Come December, our two drama class commitments end as well.  I like all the things we do and I don’t want to stop doing them, but I am relieved that our schedule will lighten up soon.  Someone remind me not to do this to myself next fall, mmkay?

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