It’s the World Cup of Politics Day

Today’s the day the scores get tallied, which is pretty much how the Husband, with his political journalism career sees things.  Mushroom is following in his father’s political junkie footsteps for sure.  He carved, “Vote 2012” into his pumpkin.  He has been running a pretend election with his friends.  He insisted we print out the real ballot and filled it out (in secret, of course).  Last night before bed, he whispered to me excitedly, “Tomorrow’s the day!”  And this morning, I came downstairs to posters like this pinned up all over the downstairs.


Statehood Green, huh?  Maybe he’s not following in his father’s footsteps after all.

Well, happy election day to all.  We’ll be off to vote on the corner with the kids in tow as soon as we finish school.

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