Industriousness and Organization

I commented the other day that I have always felt like Christmas Eve is for being industrious.  Since my mother was cooking our meal, I ran around the house doing tiny things that have needed doing for months (or even years) like labeling the toy bins in the basement and fixing the comfy dining room chairs so they don’t rock (they are not rockers).

Then, the day after Christmas, I tried being lazy, but instead I ended up pulling out the big shelf that has most of our currently in use homeschool books and repairing the bowed back with duck tape and nails so things don’t fall out into the ether.  Does this happen to your Ikea shelves too?  The back inevitably pops off and warps.  I think if I ever have to buy another shelf (it seems unlikely as I have filled every square inch with shelves already, but you never know) that I will duck tape the back to it from the get go.

photo (78)

Then, I cleared off a bunch of books we’ve grown out of and piled them up to maybe pass on or sell or something, but at least they’re out of the way.  I keep doing that and have now piled up way too many K-2 materials.  At some point, there will be a used curriculum sale that I can set up a table at and charge a buck a book and then turn it around and spend it all on something new.  At least, that’s what I dream.  And, after all, that’s what the back room of the basement is for.

photo (79)

We don’t have a dedicated schoolroom, so our dining room is the school space.  It looked festive with our Christmas dinner, but it has always doubled as a library and the more I organize and put things up, the more it feels more like a schoolroom and less like a dining room.  The Husband doesn’t mind a bit.  Whenever there’s a mess, he kindly says, “Well, we do live in a school.”  Still, I endeavor to keep it at least semi-contained.

photo (80)

This was one of my recent innovations.  I’m not sure what this basket is supposed to be for, but I bought it at Target and shoved all the coffee cups full of pencils and scissors in there.  It looks so much neater that way and is so much easier to move off the table when it’s time to use the dining room table for dining instead of reading, writing and ‘rithmetic.


4 thoughts on “Industriousness and Organization

  1. Love the basket full of pens! Our dining room is also a “school” room so I have the same problems with clutter. Mind you, I really like eating in a room full of books & pens & artwork 🙂

  2. I don’t know if you do ‘blog awards’ or not, but if you do, I’ll be leaving you one on my blog. Come claim it if you want it; if not, no worries! Just know that I enjoy reading your blog!

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