Off With Their Heads!

Ancient history gave us so many good projects I can’t even remember them all, from the paper pyramids to the model Roman road with pebbles to the day at the Roman baths.

Medieval history gave us a ton more good projects from our own coats of arms to cardboard castles to Chinese block printing.

American history gave us even more from corn husk dolls to silhouettes to games from different Native American tribes to little model wagons headed across the plains.

And now modern history…  Um…  Well…  Hrm…  I guess…

photo 1

Popsicle stick guillotines?  Beheaded Lego minifigs?

photo 2

Well, I’ll take what we can get because the project pickings have been a bit slim this year.  There have been some.  When we studied Captain Cook, we did a mini unit on Australia and made some Aboriginal style art.  We also did a couple of science explorations for the Scientific Revolution.  However, I must say, so far, this period is less conducive to crafting.

7 thoughts on “Off With Their Heads!

  1. I am in a history rut. Help! Do you have suggestions for the non-crafty homeschooler for finding fun project ideas? Or is this just so obvious and one can find them anywhere. Or are they in SOTW’s activity books, which I don’t own. Help!

    1. This one I just made up. There are some in SOTW’s Activity Guide, but I always thought the majority of them were really lame (we don’t even have the AG anymore and only use SOTW as one of many texts). I think you’ll have better luck with the following series: A Kid’s Guide by Laurie Carlson, Great __ Projects You Can Build Yourself, Spend the Day in ___, Kaleidoscope Kids Books, Explore series by Carmela Van Vleet and others along those lines – those books mostly have titles for the ancient world, the middle ages, the Renaissance, and early American history but not other stuff.

  2. You could do a “DIY” evolution project where they draw their own creature and explain how it evolved certain traits to talk about evolution. There’s tons of astronomy stuff and Newton. Re: general history, what about history of industry: Maybe they could build their own steam-powered locomotive (or boat, like the one in Ponyo)! or water-based mill (,_Perthshire). Ooo, or cook a Victorian meal! They could learn about the changes in trade and availability of goods. <:) I think there might be a number of fun craftsy things to do! <:)

  3. Perhaps a scale model demonstrating the shrinking size of computers? This refrigerator box represents ENIAC, that piece of millet is my ipad. Or make a papier mache cell phone on a string and test how (non)resistant electronics are to, shall we say, accidents with water? Even those are really just demonstrations.

    All tongue-in-cheek though. Be sure to post back when you find some good ones!

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