Wait, Is that Voluntary Schoolwork?

So you know how some kids have to do a little project or create an art piece or write a report after they read a book?  I’ve never really bought into that.  I try instead to have conversations about the books the kids are reading – both the required reading ones and the pleasure reads.  I see how they’re liking them and check their progress.

Well, imagine my surprise when I leave the kids alone for a couple of hours and come home to discover that Mushroom has made a little poster and a big dragon puppet out of paper for the last required reading book he finished, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.  Huh.   Well, I never would have assigned it, but I’m still kind of pleased.  BalletBoy apparently felt left out, so he made a comic of one of his favorites from the required reading list, Jenny and the Cat Club.

photo (88)

4 thoughts on “Wait, Is that Voluntary Schoolwork?

  1. We must be on the same book wavelength as you guys. I just read Where the Mountain Meets the Moon aloud to the kids–what a wonderful book!– and my daughter is enjoying the Jenny books. She finger knitted a red scarf for her stuffed cat so it looks like Jenny.

  2. I must say that as a former classroom teacher I sometimes had the kids do something with their required reading and they enjoyed it. However, as a homeschool Mom, I did not require my daughter to do this. 🙂

    Have you ever visited Homeschool Literature.com? It is a wonderful literature site just for homeschoolers. They have book reviews, freebies, and even an online book club. The books are either about homeschoolers or written by homeschoolers. It’s a pretty neat site.


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