First Win

photo (92)This is the first year Mushroom and BalletBoy’s Destination Imagination team has entered the competitive level of the tournament.  The younger teams have a special, non-competitive category.  They chose Project Outreach, a service challenge where they had to help a community and make a movie.  BalletBoy headed up their movie and we went to the tournament last weekend.

Much to our surprise and delight they won!  They only had to beat one other team in their division, but it was a team of older kids wearing awesome homemade Duck tape vests.  Now we’re going on to the state tournament.

As they wonderingly analyzed their medals and discussed the win while cuddled up on the sofa with me, I pointed out that this was the first medal they had ever won.  They’ve gotten medals for soccer and other activities, but they’ve always been participation awards.   They’ve also won prizes that were by chance, such as through a lottery.  This was their very first medals for something that took hard work and effort.

I told them to take a mental picture of how it felt to win and hold it in their heads.  As you get older, they don’t give you a medal for just showing up anymore.  You have to work hard and even then you won’t always win.  But when you do, it feels excellent, just like this.


2 thoughts on “First Win

  1. Wow – I’m not sure which is better: the fact that they won, or the way you helped them frame and integrate the meaning of the medal. Actually, I think the latter. Congratulations on both.

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