I Give Up

Well, I’ve been trying.  I’ve really been trying to get school done amidst other things.  I give from now until we finish our Macbeth performance.  This afternoon, we’re off to an important milestone for a family member and to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mother.  Then we’re back and it will be almost time to do the Scottish play.

In the last week, I’ve spent much of the week down in the basement trying to stem the tide of water from leaky pipes and then trying to get the moisture up out of the industrial carpet once they fixed the pipes.  It didn’t help that it was rainy at the start of the week.  Or that my entire front yard was dug up and that the grit in the new pipes busted the upstairs toilet.  All fixed now, but it feels like putting out fires.  Oh, or mopping up water.

We did get a little school in.  Here’s a math problem I made the kids do on Monday morning:  If the tank of the wet vac holds 2 and a half gallons of water and I’ve filled it nine times since yesterday, then how many gallons of water have I taken out of the basement?

Mushroom’s method: 9 x 2 = 18  and 9 x ½ = 4 ½ and 18 + 4 ½ = 22 ½

Very simple, very straightforward.  And very Miquon.  He got it quickly.

BalletBoy’s method: 2 and ½ is like $2.50 and that’s like 250.  So 9 x 250.  Hmm…  Oh, 10 x 250 = 2500 and 2500 – 250 = 2250.  Okay, so 2250?  No, that’s too big.

It was slow going.  I talked him through what he had done when he moved the decimal the first time and he moved it back and got the right answer.  Totally different method.  Totally good math reasoning.  Just missing some pieces.  And made it too complex.

3 thoughts on “I Give Up

  1. First UGG about all of those water problems.
    Only slightly related to your post, but I’ve often wondered. How did you decided on 2 different math programs for your two boys. I mean obviously they are different kids – but really what was your thought process and how did you decided which to use with which kid and when?

    Maybe a future post? Or is it already in one that I missed?

    1. I think I’ve alluded to it. Basically, we started together, doing a little Miquon and MEP in first grade. And neither of them were happy with it. So we switched to Math Mammoth. That worked well for BalletBoy, but was horrible for Mushroom. He got very turned off of math. I tried to push through with him, but in second grade, i ended up taking a math break and then doing a lot more random bits and pieces with him. Then we ended up back with Miquon and now have pretty much finished it. Meanwhile, BalletBoy finished through MM3 without any problems really.

      So, basically, I just changed when they needed to. I think BalletBoy needs something he can plug away at. He can do computation faster than Mushroom – when he’s focused anyway. Mushroom needs something that doesn’t push his anxiety yet challenges him. When we run out of Beast Academy, I think it will be tricky for him, but maybe he’ll have more confidence by then.

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