Sorry, I’ve been blog-MIA, dear readers.  Post-Macbeth, I took some time to completely let every obligation in life fall away beyond feeding us and homeschooling us.  Sometimes, that’s just nice, you know?

And now that “school year” commitments are almost over, we have time for picking 16 pounds of strawberries and going tree climbing at the Adventure Park.  See, us city kids like the outdoors too.


tree climbing




PS – I don’t know why both these photos only feature Mushroom.  I promise that BalletBoy was there too.

2 thoughts on “MIA

  1. Good for you! Sounds awesome & well-deserved. But glad you are back. I am army-crawling to the end of the school year, throwing bag lunches and back-packs ahead of me, wondering what to do next year. Tree climbing and strawberry picking sounds fantastic (I bought pectin today, hoping there’s some jam making in our future).

  2. I’d forgotten about strawberry picking time–thanks for the reminder. Hollin Farms yesterday, in the rain.

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