Algebra for Me

There’s really nothing more satisfying than tackling an algebra problem that you weren’t sure if you really remember how to do, and then getting a solution that seems messy, with an unwieldy looking number, and then looking at the solution and seeing that you got it right.  It’s like solving the Sunday crossword or a five star sudoku.

I think one of the joys of homeschooling is learning alongside the kids.  I’ve done this every year with our history and science studies.  Sometimes I read adult books that get me in the mood for the time period.  Sometimes, I literally learn alongside the kids, watching the same documentaries or reading aloud about specific topics that I didn’t know much about.  However, as we head into fourth grade, I really wanted to be sure that I was ready to teach algebra in a few years, so I bought the Art of Problem Solving algebra book for myself and have been slowly doing it.  I’m not too far in yet, but I like the way AoPS is written to the student and the way the problems unfold.  I like the way the solutions are written and how the material is presented.  And Mushroom liked the way he spotted one of the Beasts in Beast Academy using the algebra book I’m using.

One thought on “Algebra for Me

  1. Yay algebra! I’m really looking forward to that one. My older will start prealgebra later this year, fingers crossed, and I can’t wait. We’ll be using AOPS, too, I hope. I bought it, anyway… hopefully it works for him 🙂

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