Monster Science: Simple Machines

I’m still working on my monster sized science project.  To keep myself on track, here’s another section, this one from the physics unit.  It’s been eons since we studied any of these physics topics, so input is extra appreciated!

Again, this is just a tiny piece of a larger unit so some concepts are explored elsewhere.  Stars next to books and resources mean they’re extra awesome.  One of the pieces of feedback about the first section was a need for illustrations about a few of the activities.  I’ve put in a few with my meager art skills, so feel free to tell me that it’s fine without them or that I should really hire an illustrator or that they’re okay, though, honestly, I’m not holding my breath for that last one.



3 thoughts on “Monster Science: Simple Machines

  1. I love it! Max’s class has been working with simple machines this year, and I’ve done a couple of lever projects with the class. I stumbled into a really good project resource at the Fairfax Library: the Design and Create series of books, most written by John Williams (Simple Machines, Wheels and Cars, Toys and Games, etc.). Maybe DC has them too. Each book has about 15 2-page projects made with household odds and ends, like a cookie crusher or pulley-based cable car.

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