Focusing on What We Did (not didn’t do…)

Here are some things we did on Friday:

  • Learned about Malala’s win of the Nobel Peace Prize, watched a couple of mini-documentaries about her, discussed how different education and gender issues are around the world and how lucky we are here.
  • Talked a bunch about upcoming projects we’d like to do and decided on designing houses and then writing our own choose your own adventure stories.
  • Watched a documentary about the Antikythera Mechanism.
  • Walked up to buy Mushroom a new notebook and let the kids buy the Husband a birthday present they wanted for him.
  • Drew pictures of steampunk machines for our ongoing steampunk project.
  • Mushroom learned to play Minesweeper for the logic puzzles in Beast Academy 4B.
  • BalletBoy answered silly dictionary questions from If You’re Trying to Teach Kids How to Write You’ve Gotta Have This Book then wrote several of his own by playing with the dictionary.
  • Mushroom finished reading the Indian math text on ratios.
  • Everyone practiced piano really loudly.
  • BalletBoy took three breaks to work on a new idea for a Scratch project that he recently dreamed up.
  • Mushroom ran all his lines and songs for “The Mystery of Edwin Drood.”
  • BalletBoy stretched for ballet and pestered me to find out if his Nutcracker part had been emailed (he’s going to be a Party Child and a Ginger Snap, by the way).
  • Comforted the cat, who was very ill and hiding in the downstairs bathroom (he’s doing better now though!).
  • Went to play Dungeons and Dragons in the afternoon with friends.

Some things we didn’t do on Friday:

  • Spelling. No one did their lesson in All About Spelling.
  • Math. Mushroom may have done all of his, but BalletBoy barely did two pages of his and it involved a lot of melodramatic complaining. Most of it lighthearted, but still. It’s just subtracting fractions. You don’t need an hour to do ten problems. Except apparently you do.
  • Writing. BalletBoy got to his writing. Mushroom managed to avoid it.
  • Chores. They were supposed to empty the dishwasher and take out the recycling.
  • Reading. No one got to their nonfiction reading.

It’s all about focusing on the good stuff, I think. Otherwise, I might go crazy on a daily basis.

3 thoughts on “Focusing on What We Did (not didn’t do…)

  1. That looks like a very full “done” list to me, full of things I’d like to try myself. I’m most envious of Mushroom: Drood is my favorite musical, Sondheim notwithstanding.

  2. Thank you for posting this. It sounds like you all are doing some wonderful things! We didn’t do Spelling today either. We went over the differences between toads and frogs, wrote a couple of lines about what happened during swim lessons, and then we are headed to the Swim Center for more lessons in about an hour. Thanks to your encouragement and sharing your own experiences about “socialization,” we’ve put some of our academics on the backburner. We have a Park Day and a bird-watching activity this week with the new group we joined. I would go crazy on a daily basis if I tried to make us do every little thing, plus try to be out in the world…just not humanly possible. Wish-wishes, sunshine, and rainbows to you and the boys!

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