Homeschoolers Deserve Professional Development

One of the things I’ve found over the years is that homeschooling can be a lonely endeavor. We get isolated with our own kids in our own homes. There’s no water cooler! And no one pays for us to go to seminars or get new professional development certifications.

However, this is a job and a calling. I know nearly all homeschool parents take homeschooling seriously, but I think that means that most of us stress out about curriculum or whether our kids are really okay. We don’t often take care of ourselves by challenging our own ideas about education and teaching.

It’s understandable. We’re in the trenches all the time. And unlike classroom teachers, we don’t really get a break in the summer. However, it’s worth it to spend time reading about education, questioning what we’re doing, and improving our methods and systems. It’s especially important because our students grow and change every year.

One way to do this is to read about homeschooling or education. I try to read at least one or two books about education every year and I usually find it really useful. Another way is to attend a homeschool conference that’s worth your time. The SEA Conference is just such a conference. If you’re able to get there, the speakers will be great. I’m excited about speaking, but also about peeking in to hear from others.

No matter how you give yourself some professional development, remember that you’re worth spending that time on and that your homeschool will be invigorated by you being challenged in your own thinking and practices sometimes.

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