Deep Breath

I discovered at least three kinda not awesome typos in my book. Cue the panic attack.

Homeschoolers are brutal too. I know y’all are going to tear into me! I swear I read through it multiple times and had my husband, who just happens to copy edit as part of his job, do a serious once through. I know I need to let it go, but it’s hard!

Someone I know shared this classic Onion article the other day. As I found my typos, I had a few of those thoughts. Oh no. That’s it. I’m discovered for the fraud I am. Someone is going to leave a one star review and I’m going to cry. And I might. I know we all have these feelings sometimes. Mine are not necessarily that bad most of the time, but sometimes when it hits you, it really hits hard. Deep breath.

Last week, I took BalletBoy for his first appointment with a physical therapist who specializes in dancers. She was wonderful and clearly knew her craft. It was a pleasure to watch her interact with BalletBoy and assess what would help him. I thought: here is a wonderful expert. We have to pay out of pocket for her, but she will be worth this hefty fee.

Then I thought, I need to remind myself sometimes that I am also an expert in the things I know about and have studied for years. My knowledge is also worth something.

I’m headed off to the SEA Homeschool Conference this week, with some family stopovers along the way before I arrive. I’m psyching myself up for networking and believing in my own worth, even with typos and any underlying worries.

Deep breath.

And when I get back, I’ll make an edition that fixes all the typos!


5 thoughts on “Deep Breath

  1. Rushed off to get a copy of your book so I can find these mistakes and heckle you! Totally teasing, but I did just buy a copy. I read great books all the time where a typo or two has slipped through. You are going to be just fine.

  2. I am a year away from needing your book but am looking forward to it, nonetheless!
    This is not at all the same thing, but it is my own story and what I immediately thought of when I read about your typos: my applications to grad school (20 years ago) included a few that required printing answers out directly on the questionnaires that the school sent me. You can imagine how many times I printed on plain paper and black and white photocopies. to blast the margins right, and get my answers to *not* print right over the text of the questions, etc. finally got my Wash U app PERFECT, Fed the one and only copy of the original questionnaire into the printer…..which of course, promptly ate it. It came out bedraggled and ink-stained. I wanted to scream. I may have actually screamed.

  3. Hi Farrar,
    I’m truly interested in your book as I have tween which I’m about to h/s – I live in Australia and Amazon doesn’t ship to Australia any longer. Is there another way I can purchase your book?

    1. Right now, you can get the ebook in Australia – just through Amazon though. I was sort of surprised at the limited availability of ways to sell POD titles in Australia, honestly. Since shipping is so expensive, you’d think it would be easier to do for authors worldwide! If you’d like the paperback, I’ll sell it to you directly. You can drop me an email at Too bad I didn’t know a few weeks ago! I’d have tried to send it with postage along with my friends before they headed home to Australia!

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