Y’all, I meant it. Cheap online learning is crap.

See my previous post. No one is going to sway me by telling me that my children are going to be failures. Can my eyes roll back in my head any farther?

Cheap online programs are not good for your kids, not used alone without other enrichments. And knowing Acellus’s business tactics, I wouldn’t put it past them to be spamming me with their own fake accounts at this point.

Inexpensive online learning used in a vacuum long term does not have positive learning outcomes. Your kids are not learning to be tech geniuses by using any old online program. Graduating early is not a sign of a better education, just a rushed one. Multiple choice education is not any more effective or deep than multiple choice tests. Real education is slow and expensive. And that’s why schools are expensive and good teachers don’t come cheap.

I love that there are more options in home education now. It’s especially key right now with everyone stuck at home. But my greatest fear in this pandemic is that we are robbing our children of quality learning by turning to corporate solutions instead of real ones.

If anyone is genuinely interested in the ways that online learning can be used for mastery and combined with creative, innovative thinking, then I recommend The One World Schoolhouse by Sal Khan, of Khan Academy fame. The ways he envisions using programs like Khan Academy – which, by the way, is free and better quality in many cases than some of these cheap online options you’re paying for – and coupling them with actual applications and deeper thinking tasks and open ended learning – are interesting and hopeful.

Meanwhile, screw you, corporate profiteers trying to take over home education.


2 thoughts on “Y’all, I meant it. Cheap online learning is crap.

    1. I replied to your other comment. Easy Peasy is it’s own thing. Nice that it’s free. Has some very good resources on there and uses some good syllabuses for some of the high school courses. I am not a huge fan of their stuff. But also, I think if you get in there and support it and teach it that it’s not the worst thing by far. If your hope is a student who is working independently, I would say it’s worse for that unless you have a really motivated kid who works well on their own. Know that you don’t have to do a single program. You can mix and match.

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