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In Which I Try to Think Like an Optimist

I am a pessimist by nature.  Anyone who knows me knows this.  Therefore, while I probably have a lot to say and like to hear myself think, I also, any time I’ve contemplated getting a blog, have thought to myself something along the lines of, “Who would want to read anything that little old me would have to say?”

I write by compulsion.  I generally can’t be stopped from putting pen to paper.  Right now I’m in the midst of desperately trying to get a book published.  There’s one out at a publisher who might be interested right now, actually.  The pessimist in me says that this clearly won’t amount to anything.  This particular manuscript has been through the wringer at a number of publishing houses.  As I wait to hear back, I’m starting this blog as a gesture of optimism on my part.  When I go to writing conferences, agents and editors seem more and more concerned that writers be able to put ourselves out there online.  So I’ve told myself that when this manuscript gets published, I’ll need to have a blog.

So here goes.  I don’t suspect I have enough to say about writing in particular, or even about children’s literature.  However, if you toss my primary occupation into the mix by adding homeschooling, then between the three I can probably talk your ear off.