My Best Posts

Homeschool Politics and Big Thoughts

The Ten Realistic Most Important Things to Know About Homeschooling
A good list I made about homeschooling for newbies in response to the too optimistic advice I’ve seen elsewhere.

Educational Neglect is Not Okay
My thoughts about educational neglect in the homeschool world.

Raising Kids Who Will Do Better
My thoughts about raising kids who will believe in social justice.

I’m So Glad We Preschool Homeschooled
Why I feel like it’s good to let people call it homeschooling during preschool. I have strong feelings on this.

In Praise of Teaching Content Subjects
Why I think social studies, art, and science are worth the time in homeschooling.

Homeschooling at the Rowhouse

The End of History
The post I wrote to sum up how we did a full classical style history cycle in elementary school, including what worked and didn’t.

The Nitty Gritty Portfolio Post
How we do portfolios at the Rowhouse. While this is slightly out of date as the kids have gotten older, it’s still relatively accurate.

Homeschooling and Anxiety
Tips for dealing with anxiety in the elementary years.

Anatomy of a Project: Houses
How we worked our way into our first extended project and what resources I used along the way. I have a few of these anatomy of a project posts and they’re good if you’re curious how I structure an outside the box study.

Writing Projects: Poetry Collection
A sweet look at one of my favorite writing projects of all time here.

Math Notebook
I’m still glad about that darn notebook looking so decent sometimes.

Preschool Homeschooling: The Calendar
This was my one great preschool innovation. I’m really glad I documented it.

Numberless Math
Why I like the numberless math problems. In addition to this post, I also have a free download of updated numberless problems.

Children’s Books

Public Service Announcement: Please Use Reading Levels Responsibly
How to understand children’s reading levels and why to be careful about being dogmatic in making rules with them.

What Makes a Book a Good Read Aloud
I stand by these guidelines for read alouds versus independent reads in the early grades.

Short But Meaty: Middle School Books for Less Prolific Readers
A list of short books worth requiring middle schoolers to read.

Read Alouds to Go with Nature Study
Stories about nature for elementary and middle schoolers.

My 16 Favorite Fantasy Books and Series for Kids and Teens
The Best of the best fantasy series, in my opinion.

Our Favorite “Issue” Books
Books for kids about big issues like divorce, death, depression, disabilities, and medical conditions.

The Elementary Homeschool Library
A basic guide to good nonfiction books to have access to for a variety of subjects.