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YouTube Science

I’ve been really enjoying a science on YouTube lately.  Some of the videos I’ve seen, I’ve linked here in my science posts, others I’ve found on the wonderful The Kid Should See This.  However, others are just from awesome YouTube channels.  If you’d like to also enlighten yourself and your kids, here’s a few options:

Minute Physics
This channel explains various concepts in physics, especially in weird quantum physics, in about a minute.  They use hand drawn illustrations and a spoken explanation.  It’s extremely well done.

Steve Spangler
These are extremely simple, quick, well-produced videos that show experiments you can easily do at home.

The Periodic Table of Videos
At least one video about every element.  Plus a bunch of others.  These are some chemists with a bit of a sense of humor about themselves.

Sixty Symbols
Much in the same style as the Periodic Table of Videos (perhaps because both come from the same university) this set of videos attempts to explain every astronomical symbol there is.

This one is really, really weird.  Mixes of famous scientists (and occasionally other celebrities) explaining basic concepts remixed to sound like they’re doing some sort of trance music.  No, really.  Check out Morgan Freeman, Michio Kaku and Richard Feynman all trip hopping.

Smarter Every Day
Kid friendly videos about basic engineering concepts, often featuring the video maker’s kids and toys like water balloons and tinker toys.

Short excerpts from the famous PBS series, including the NOVA Science Now video podcasts.

Another academic enterprise, this time from Australia.  The host often interviews people on the street then talks to professors to explain concepts.

Sagan’s Cosmos
Excerpts from various programs by the famous scientist and author Carl Sagan.

National Geographic
Excerpts from National Geographic’s wide array of videos.  This one requires more sorting because they have so many, some of which are basically just ads for the magazine or their shows, but many of which are nice little short bits from longer pieces.

BBC Earth
Another set of excerpts, this time from BBC’s wildlife and nature programming.

Robert Krampf, the Happy Scientist
The Happy Scientist offers an expensive set of pay videos, but he also has a YouTube channel with free videos where he explains all kinds of science concepts with enthusiasm.

The Real Bill Nye
A collection of Bill Nye excerpts.  I probably link these pretty often in my science posts.

Science Friday’s Video Pick of the Week
Not a YouTube channel, but a nicely curated collection of interesting videos on all sorts of subjects.

I’m sure there are others I have never even heard of.  Just the other day, I learned about a cool little 15 program called Backyard Science which can be found mostly on YouTube (uploaded by different people – here’s a link to the search that yielded lots of results). Anyone have any other favorite spots for science videos?