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Newsbulletin: Mary and the Frog Show Canceled

This just in from Mushroom and BalletBoy, the CEO’s of the BFG (Big Friendly Good) Corporation:  The BF Network’s flagship show, Mary and the Frog has been canceled after several years on the air.  The show began when Mary, a stray from a Little People set that was otherwise lost, nearly drowned in a large bathtub and was rescued by the Frog, thus starting a lifelong friendship.  They are pictured below with the Duck, one of many ducks to try and interfere with their relationship over the years.  The ratings for the show had been down, however, so under pressure from their rival corporation, the BF BAD, the BF Network has canceled the show.  Mary and the Frog may continue to appear at the BF Festival.

Seriously, you guys, every time I despair that my kids are only doing okay with reading, writing and math and that all their friends have better handwriting and can add bigger numbers or express themselves better, I have to remind myself that it’s because they’re busy running a multinational corporation, making big decisions like this one.  Oh, and that their imaginations kick nearly everyone else’s rear end.