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Bog Child

A quick review, but a good one.  Siohan Dowd was also the author of The London Eye Mystery, which won lots of acclaim a couple of years ago.  Her YA novel Bog Child, which was issued posthumously, has recently come out in paperback.  I thoroughly enjoyed this one.  I thought it did exactly what a great YA novel should.  It let you into the head of a complex teen character.  It had a compelling plot and simple, but beautiful prose.  Fergus, the main character, is in the midst of his A-levels in Northern Ireland in 1981, during the Troubles.  In the opening scenes, he and his uncle stumble onto an ancient body that was preserved by the bog.  The book blends a huge number of different strands, including a number of plots about the Troubles, the life of the girl Fergus finds in the bog, a romance with the daughter of the archaeologist investigating and even the physics that Fergus is studying.  Despite all this, the elements come together neatly.  This is another one of those YA books that can clearly be enjoyed by adults as well.