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Special post by Mushroom, age 5

I like Polo because it starts with the letter P [this is the first letter of Mushroom’s name] and it’s a comic book.  Polo is a dog.  He goes on adventures and he meets new friends.  But he always returns home.  It’s kind of like on Toot and Puddle when they say that “a boomerang flies but always returns where it belongs.”  They take adventures a lot too.  Polo lives in a tree on an island.  He uses a boat to travel.  He travels on other things too.  And sometimes his journey is magical.  Like in Polo and the Magic Flute, he came and this Panda gives him a magic flute and the Panda has one also.  The magic flute makes things turn magic, like a flying carpet.  These are so easy to read because they don’t have any words at all!  Only like one or two words that are really noises.

[I thought Mushroom could sum up the appeal of these wordless books better than me.  I’ll add that they’re French and the cartoony style is both appealingly simple and surprisingly imaginative.  The first volume is much longer, but in the last two years Polo’s shorter adventures have been published here in smaller volumes.]