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Preschool Homeschooling: the Calendar

In preparation for the year, I just took down our calendar, which has been up for a couple years now.  I conceived of this calendar when the kids were in preschool and it has been such a good thing that I thought I’d share it as a preschool homeschool idea here.

When they were about three years old, Mushroom and BalletBoy used to constantly pester me about random events.  It would be early summer and they’d ask when we were going apple picking.  Or it would be spring and they’d ask how long until Christmas.  To combat this and help them understand the cycle of the year, I made this calendar.  At the top are the seasons.  Underneath, I wrote the names of holidays and drew a little picture for each one.  Then I added all the seasonal things the kids look forward to: strawberry picking, the Renaissance Festival, summer camp, their birthday and so forth.  We all sat down and colored it together.  Once it went up on the wall, whenever they asked what big events were coming up or how long until something, I sent them to the calendar.  It worked.  They began pestering less and slowly began figuring out how to anticipate what was coming next.  But now they basically know what comes next (with the exception of some spacey moments) and I need the wall space for a timeline.