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Calvin and Hobbes

We didn’t get the paper when I was growing up, so I can’t say that I was into Calvin and Hobbes the way most other kids of my generation were so while other parents probably have already given this to their young readers, it never occurred to me.  Luckily, my step-brother and sister went through their old books and gifted a volume of the famous comic strip to Mushroom and BalletBoy.  We don’t get the paper either, so the format needed explaining before I could convince BalletBoy to actually read any of it.  Just looking at it, I think he assumed it was far too long for him because he’s so used to graphic novels.

It’s actually perfect for beginning readers in many ways.  Once you can read the vocabulary, a page or so of comic strips just the right length for a kid who is still building up that reading stamina.  The sense of imagination and play in the comic, while presented with a touch of snark, are certainly appropriate to the age as well.  Mushroom has it in the bathroom right now as his bathroom reading book, which might sound like an insult to a book, but is actually high praise.