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Colonial Times

We’ve been so immersed in books about the American colonies and the Revolutionary War that you might say we’re drowning in them.  I’m struggling to find time to read everything that appeals to me from this time period.  I’ve also been struggling to make time to do more projects.  More about the books later, but in the meantime, the project we did get around to was fun, so I thought I’d share.

The kids noticed the silhouette pictures at Monticello and Mount Vernon so I thought it would make a good, easy project.  You can do them easiest by printing out a digital photo, but we went old fashioned and drew our shadows then cut them out.  Here’s a link to instructions on how to do both kinds.   I helped with the drawing, but the kids’ scissor skills are looking good here, I think.  They looked so cool, we hung them in the stairwell with the family pictures.

BalletBoy also spontaneously photocopied a bunch of things for his “printing shop” where he works as a journalist and distributed them among the household.  There’s his warning that “The Regulars are Coming!” and a copy of “Common Sense.”  In case his spelling was too obscure.  This pretend game is surely influenced by the intrepid journalist children on the TV show Liberty’s Kids, which they’re more than halfway finished with.