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Excuse Me, But…

Unless you have a child who loves to do bookish schoolwork from dawn to dusk (Yes, I know there are a few.) or are only using everything really piecemeal, then pardon me if I’m dubious that you’re really using those three full history programs, four full grammar programs, five math programs, a health program, a geography program, and, of course, three logic programs “for fun” that you have listed on your blog/Facebook/forum thread.

I’m guilty of multiple programs sometimes. Mushroom uses Miquon, but I throw in a little Math Mammoth or MEP sometimes and use the Right Start games pretty regularly as well as some iPad drill and practice programs.

However, if I was to try and do First Language Lessons, Writing with Ease, Michael Clay Thomas Language Arts, Growing with Grammar, Institute for Excellence in Writing and Bravewriter (Yes, I’ve seen people list that they’re going to do them all!) then there’s no way my children would love school or writing. And if we tried to do Story of the World and Story of US at the same time, then there’s no way we’d ever get truly focused on any flow with history.

I guess that’s just it. While I’m often tempted to buy and try several things, I’m learning that it’s much better to do one thing thoroughly than five things (no matter how great they all are) in bits. One of the important things I really took from Handwriting Without Tears (Who knew a handwriting program could have education philosophy applicable to so much!) is that less is more. Make children do less, but demand more each time. Slow it down, do it right. Don’t try to rush or cram everything in and work with more purpose.

Sometimes, you can assemble your own program with different parts of things, of course.  I use different resources to create our science program, for example.  And everyone has to do what works for them and their children. However, if you’ve just listed that you’ll be doing six math programs and broadcast it to the internets, then pardon me if I’m quietly rolling my eyes.