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Daily Routines

I thought I’d post about all our learning routines.  We’re not always good about keeping these up.  I try to have things we do every day, but sometimes it will fall by the wayside and we’ll forget it.  However, I like having routines.  It’s like brushing your teeth.  They’re good habits that make learning small things or practicing things easier.

First is the welcome board habit.  I try hard to let the kids know what our day has in store by writing it on the white board easel the night before.  They get up before me.  Honestly, I think they get up before the sun most of the time.  I know that with our odd lifestyle and their father’s strange working hours, they have trouble knowing what day of the week it is and remember if that day has a class or a co-op, so I try to tell them.  It’s good reading practice too.

Next is the vocabulary habit.  After seeing this post on Satori Smiles, I knew this first grade word-a-day book was exactly what I had been wanting for vocabulary.  It’s simple.  Some of the words are definitely things they already know (What American kid doesn’t get to age 6 without knowing what a muffin is?!?).  However, talking about definitions is a nice conversation starter.  The kids get excited to flip the page.

We also have the brain teaser habit.  I don’t strictly think this one is necessary every day.  However, it’s nice to do something for logic and thinking skills whenever we can.  Sometimes I put one on the white board for the kids to do before I get up.  I especially like to do one that will get them thinking.  Sometimes we do a sudoku.  There are some good kid ones here.  Patterns they have to finish are also good.

Next is the art habit.  A friend gave us a cool book called A Year in Art which has a new artwork on each page as well as questions and occasionally things to do to go with it.  A few of the activities and questions are pretty lame, but there’s a nice range of art in there and it’s cool to have a daily art resource like the art-a-day calendars that some people use.

Finally, we have the ballet stretches habit.  I know very little about ballet beyond what I remember from when I took it as a very young child.  However, I do know you need to be flexible and both my boys could use some work.  Have I mentioned that Mushroom decided to join BalletBoy’s dance class?  Adapting the routine that they do in class, we try to finish the day with some stretches.  I’m also try to get us in the habit of listening while lying down on bellies with heads propped up on chins.  That probably sounds strange, but it’s a good position for opening up the hips and for increasing upper body strength.

Those are our little daily learning routines.  Anyone have any of their own?