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A Monster Sized Science Project

So I used to post a lot about science, but lately, I haven’t been.  One of the reasons is that I’ve been working on making a curriculum for elementary science, based in part on all the stuff we’ve done over the last several years.

I have to confess that I feel woefully inadequate and odd doing this.  While I love science, I have exactly zero formal training in it.  However, what I wished we had for science simply didn’t exist (none of the curricula out there were right for us…  trust me, you’re not going to mention something I haven’t seen!).  I would like to create just a piece of that for others if I can.  What I wished for was two part.  First, I wish there was a wonderful, narrative, engagingly written book about science for elementary schoolers.  There’s no way I could create that.  Second, I wish there was an overarching activity guide that lists resources and projects for science.  Well, that I am trying my hand at.

It has turned out to be a larger project than I originally intended.  Since I’m slowly working on it, I thought I’d share some of it here as I go.  Maybe just one section a month until I manage to finish.  I’d love to hear your feedback, whether it’s typos, activities, clarity, organization, or anything else, even “I think this is a waste of your time!”

Eventually, the project will be a guide that covers all of elementary science for kids K-4. Below is just one section from one unit.  The idea is that you use living books with videos and activities, which is basically what we’ve done.  It’s meant to be a pick and choose curriculum.  You don’t do every book and every activity and experiment (that would be way too much), you just do the ones that are right for your family (or the resources you manage to find at your library and the activities you have time for).  The options are there so it can be used by kids in this wide age range, so that you can breeze through some topics and explore others in depth, and so that you can get the books and materials that are easiest for you instead of trying to track down things your library or grocery doesn’t have.

Below is the first section I’m sharing, about the bones and muscles.  I’m playing around with calling it the Monster Science Guide, thus the little monster doodle in the button.  Click on the button to get the pdf.