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Not Ugly Educational Posters

When I set out to set up for the year, I wanted to revamp our walls a little bit so I went in search of some decent educational posters.  We’ve had some useful ones in the past, but they were all very classroom looking.  That would be fine if our classroom was a classroom, but it’s also a dining room.  I wanted some things that would reference the room’s dual function while still looking nice on the wall for Thanksgiving dinner, if you know what I mean.  Things worthy of a frame up.

Obviously, I didn’t buy all the things I’m linking below, but I thought maybe someone else could benefit from some of the searching I did.  I promise I didn’t only search for science themed posters and art, but there seems to be a real lack of good grammar posters.

This is a cute option from Dazeychic on Etsy.  She also makes another one called Math is Marvelous that’s equally neat.

Here’s another neat science option, this one part of a set of three about flasks from Nerdy Baby.  They also have a very adorable, but less artsy option about a baby using the scientific method.

Science Poster Art Print Original Illustration Stellar Science Wonder 11x14 Science Poster PrintContinuing on the science theme, this print from Ink and Sword on Etsy is also just beautiful.  Ink and Sword has a ton of other great science prints, including several chemistry themed ones and a bunch of space themed ones with some beautiful colors and design.

I’m also digging this cool typographic image of the brain from Ork Posters on Etsy.  Ork Posters also offers an equally nifty image of the heart, done the same way.  They both come in a variety of colors, which is nice.

This earth poster from Brainstorm is part of a set of lovely earth science themed prints that includes the atmosphere and ocean as well.  They also make a beautiful set of star charts, some cool US maps, and a really quirky diagram of plant and animal cells (that is currently hanging on my wall).

Another one for science. There are some minimalist small science and math posters from FrameitPosters on Etsy, such as this one about the Higgs Boson coupled with a quote from Richard Feyman.  They have several others as well.

Octopus art antique print Victorian art print poster old prints Ocean Decor Natural History ocean art  large wall art nature print 12x16 art

There were so many vintage options for botanical and zoological prints there’s no way I could list them all.  I was oddly drawn to the octopi and the fungi ones.  But there’s a lot out there in terms of pretty reproductions as well as vintage stuff.

American Independence Map Illustration 18" x 24" Cool PrintFor history, obviously, advertisements or art of the time can make a good frame up, but I was curious what else was out there.  I didn’t find much, but this fascinating little poster of the kings of England is really cool.  Also, this map of the American Revolution from Consider Graphics on Etsy is an excellent print, though a little more expensive than most of the other things I’ve linked.

I really wanted to find something lovely and clever for grammar.  There are vintage grammar (and science) posters abounds out there.  The shop LegalMissSunshine on Etsy has a lot of them, though you can find them elsewhere as well.  The old American ones, including the small grammar ones, are reasonably priced, but the beautiful French ones are definitely for collectors who can pay a great deal.  I really drooled over several of the vintage French anatomy posters since that was our topic for the year (anatomy, that is, not French anatomy).

Honestly, I’m surprised there weren’t more beautiful typographic punctuation and grammar posters out there as that seems ripe for poster art.  Crafty printers of the world, take note!