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Final Civil War Wrap Ups

The Rowhouse is on vacation for a couple of weeks.  We’re taking off for a little while, both from school and the city.  There was a final, furious finishing up of things before we left town.  Workbooks wrapped up and books finished.  As well, we had to finish up our American history unit with a final flurry of field trips, including to Lincoln’s Cottage (that’s above), Ford’s Theater, Clara Barton’s House and a number of other Civil War sites, including Manassas, where we attended some of the Sesquicentennial events.

For anyone not in the know and living on the east coast, the National Parks Service (America’s best idea, folks) has been giving out Civil War trading cards.  We collected about 40 of them from various sites.  The park service’s website (unfortunately not a website that lives up to the title “America’s best idea”) doesn’t seem to have a single site, but here’s a page for some of the ones we collected, which links to all the ones you can find in the northeast as well as all the ones you can find around DC.

We read more books than I could list without more time for the Civil War, but I thought I’d highlight one that we found especially useful.  Field of Fury by James M. McPherson had a detailed text and a spread about each major battle, as well as about the key leaders and some of the issues in the war.  The documentary pictures were very useful (and my kids kept noticing their use in museum exhibits as well).  Overall, this was the best single book resource we found for the war.