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Our Grass is Brown

There have been a couple of discussion threads recently on Secular Homeschool about envy and the idea that some homeschoolers really do it all.  We all know it’s not true, but it’s hard not to feel that sense that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.  And the thing is, I know a lot of people who think I’m one of those enviable homeschoolers, because they’ve said so.  I think I do a lot of things right, but I’m sure I also do a lot of things wrong.

I’ve done a day in the life post before and a post just about our warts, but I thought maybe I’d do another one.  So, here, some of our warts from the last few weeks:

  • I have yelled at Mushroom at least half a dozen times in the last week or so.  Enough that he couldn’t sleep one night and came in to tell me he kept imagining me yelling and it was scary.  Good grief.  Talk about a guilt trip.  I don’t even know what I’ve yelled about.  Annoying things.  Things where the boys tried my patience for too long.  Would you just go get on your shoes finally kinds of things.
  • Mushroom has lovely handwriting but he averages about a word a minute.  I timed it.  BalletBoy has reasonably well formed letters, but they’re embarrassingly disproportionate.  His lower case “l” is often shorter than his lower case “o.”
  • I can name a dozen times off the top of my head when both BalletBoy and Mushroom interrupted conversations, co-ops, and other things quite rudely.
  • Mushroom slowly climbed off the bed during read aloud time the other night.  It began by leaning his head off the bed and when I finished reading, he was stuck with his hands on the floor and his feet on the tall bed.
  • We only managed to get school done twice properly last week.  One day we just skivved off.  Another day they weren’t there, having slept over at a friend’s.  Another morning we were hosting co-op and I hadn’t properly prepared so I made them clean the basement instead.  Another morning, I wanted to sleep in because I was up too late at night.  Then we had somewhere to be.
  • As I write this, there’s bits from that co-op I still haven’t tidied up, including some of the popcorn on the floor, which can’t possibly be good considering fall is coming and therefore so are our yearly mousy visitors.
  • BalletBoy gave up on yet another book midway through meaning he has only finished two books in the last month.
  • At one point last week, Mushroom just began making up the text halfway through the sentence he was reading.  I swear I didn’t yell, but I did take the book away and probably was much too short when I told him, “No.  Try that again.”
  • Mushroom actually spelled the word church h-c-r-c-h the other day.  No, really, he did.  At least he looked at it and saw that it clearly didn’t seem right.

We Suck


BalletBoy tries to take Metro the wrong way.


So, I’ve recently seen or heard comments in multiple places about how when fellow homeschoolers (or just parents) read homeschooling blogs, they feel like they’re way behind or not doing it right or just overwhelmed because other peoples’ kids just sound so much more with it and brilliant than theirs.

Perhaps no one reading this blog feels that way.  However, just for the sake of truth in advertising, I thought that instead of sharing our best moments like I usually do – the experiments that worked, the books we love, the fun stuff we make – I would air out some dirty laundry instead.  So here it is, some low points (or just average points) from the last few weeks:

● When we went for the kids’ checkup, BalletBoy had just had a tantrum about how he didn’t get enough time at the pool.  That was bad enough, but we didn’t end up seeing our normal caregiver so his clingy, post-tantrum cuddles coupled with how he kept whispering to me about how he was still sad made the doctor clearly think he had something wrong with him.  She kept asking things that implied he was really unsocialized when he’s actually the only extrovert in the whole house.

● Mushroom insisted that 2+1 equaled 4 for five whole minutes during math the other day.  I have no idea what got into him because I’ve seen him do much harder addition correctly.  He just got stuck on it.  He nearly came to tears when I began to argue him down and the only way he was able to believe it was when I put it on the scale with the weights to demonstrate it.

● BalletBoy is reading the Ricky Ricotta books and occasionally comes to me with unusual or difficult words he gets stuck on, like “bionic” and “orangu-tron.”  This morning he came to me with “as.”

● We’ve been working a little on world geography over the last year or so, mostly as it pertains to history, but also as we’ve occasionally traveled or seen art from various places.  To get their bearings on the map the other day, I asked them to point to where we live, a question I asked pretty much every time we look at the map.  Mushroom pointed to Alaska.  BalletBoy pointed to the Congo.

● BalletBoy spent a good ten minutes trying and failing to put on one sock the other day.  I know we’ve been in sandals for months and it’s annoying to get back into socks, but really?  Is that actually the kind of skill you forget?

I hope you can picture me smacking my face after some of these moments, because I really was.