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Summer Geography

I am the map master!

We signed up for a postcard exchange with other homeschoolers this summer.  So far we’ve gotten postcards from North Carolina, New Hampshire, Missouri, Florida and Saskatchewan.  So, using the giant printable maps resources at Owl and Mouse, I printed us up a big U.S. map.  While we were at it, I labeled us with a star.  (Isn’t that perfect that we live in the place that’s usually marked with a star on maps?  I wonder if they’ll grow up thinking that means “you are here” instead of “capital.”)  Then I had them color in the states they’ve actually visited.  Then we found all the places on the map.  Then, afterward, when I asked them if I could take their picture with the map before sticking it up in the basement stairwell (site of important, large educational things in our house), they decided it would be best to wrestle in the picture.  Oh well, I guess it’s summer.

That'll teach you not to mix up Vermont and New Hampshire!