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Just One More on Destination Imagination

Well, my last post about Destination Imagination for the year begins with the flu.  First, it knocked me down.  Then it knocked the kids down.  We lost our last two weeks (two very essential weeks, I might add!) to the flu.  We spent a lot of time worried that we wouldn’t make it to the tournament this past weekend.  I have to credit the other parents from our team for making it all come together.  As a coach, racked with the flu and then with a sinus headache (that’s lingering still and keeps threatening to become a proper migraine), I was a bit scattered and useless.  However, somehow, with everyone’s help, we managed to pull it together.

Destination Imagination is a program that teaches kids teamwork and asks them to harness their creativity for a series of challenges.  I cannot sing its praises, especially for homeschoolers, enough.  Kids can face challenges that test their creativity in engineering, performance, arts, and other arenas.  The program goes all the way from preschool to college.  Our team was a Rising Stars team.  At the tournament, the kids participated in an instant challenge, where they had only 4 minutes to put together something with random materials and then put on a quick skit about it.  Then we performed our team challenge – a skit about “Big Bug’s Bad Day.”  Here’s the kids all ready to perform.

The plot of their skit, which they came up with completely on their own, involved a bumblebee who goes for a walk, only to have some ice crack and leave him wet and miserable.  Then, he gets lost on the way home.  Peering into a window, he sees a man with piles of dead bugs which he is carefully pinning to a board.  Horrified, he finally goes home and tells his friends (a roly poly, a ladybug and an inchworm) about what he saw.  They all despair that they’ll all end up pinned to a board.  Luckily, a fairy appears and tells them to follow her.  She leads them to the “Bad Entomologist” and whips out a giant pin.  The man turns around just in time to see the bugs pin him to the wall.  Then the bugs all celebrate.  Yes, it is a gruesome plot for a bunch of six year olds to dream up.  The stabbing was also an interesting trick as Mushroom, the entomologist, had a big hunk of styrofoam taped under his shirt.

BalletBoy’s performance was a little lackluster.  By the time we got home, he was fully sick again.  Then, after spending a full hour whining, Mushroom abruptly passed out on the sofa.  Yup.  He was sick again too.

Well, the show went on, at least.