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Goodbye, Tooth

Mushroom has recently lost his very first tooth!  I got oddly weepy and sentimental when I realized it was loose.  Milestones of growing up come so quickly during the first two years of life.  Mushroom and BalletBoy are still pretty little, but already those milestones have become much more spread out.  As silly as it sounds, he’ll never lose a first tooth again.  Sniffle!

Belatedly, I realized that we had the perfect book for this momentous occasion.  One Morning in Maine by Robert McCloskey is the story of Sal’s first lost tooth, which gets gets completely lost so that she can’t find it after it falls out.  She must deal with the loss and with growing up.  There is a sort of depth to the story and to Sal’s reflections on the seagulls molting and new spark plugs for the boat and even ice cream.  The book’s sense of what it means to grow up perfectly matches my emotions when Mushroom lost his tooth.  It’s an added bonus that the book isn’t all about the tooth fairy, which works well in our house of nonbelievers in Santa and his gang of magical present deliverers.

The husband had to read the book.  I might have teared up.