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Life Interferes

Out for breakfast with the grandparents.

What is it about spring that makes it so hard for us to get on track? Lately, we have just been stuck for getting our basic stuff accomplished. We’re doing okay on things, but I wish we were doing more. We have just stalled out.

And it’s not just the pollen or the warmth in the air calling us back outside. It’s just been life.

We have been seeing the husband act, enjoying a visit from some grandparents, and taking advantage of the return of baseball.

We have been finishing essays for the contest for the friends of the library, preparing presentations for co-op, finishing out our Destination Imagination season, and making those literary Peep dioramas for Easter.

We’ve been diving into the Mindstorms set the kids saved up for, trying to keep the biology experiments from expanding beyond the dining room mantle, and playing around more with Scratch programming.

We’ve been distracted by the board game Dix-It that we bought at a co-op outing to the games store, the art book The Great Art Scandal which we spent two days solving during school time, and Shakespeare prop and costume makings.

Honestly, with all that going on, who has time for schoolwork? On the other hand, at least we’ve got a rich and full life.

The Right Start to the Day

I know I have a better day if I start by moving around, especially with the kids.  It’s just so hard sometimes.  Plus we have so many days when we need to be somewhere before ten o’clock.  If we’re going to get in any school, going out for a hike seems impossible.

That’s the Husband out with us.  He may have a weird schedule, but sometimes it has its benefits.