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Curve Balls

What I expected we would do during this gorgeous week of perfect, mild summer weather:

  • Pick blueberries
  • Go swimming
  • Go for a hike
  • See friends and run around
  • Go see the lotuses in bloom at the aquatic gardens
  • Go to the free Apple Camp
  • Wrap up some school

What we actually have been doing:

photo 1 (8)

That’s BalletBoy at the E.R. for a huge gash on the bottom of his foot that he got over the weekend playing at the splash fountain up the street.  So while we did Apple Camp and wrapped up school for the summer, we’ve been stuck inside for this beautiful weather, unable to get out and enjoy it!  BalletBoy can’t really walk and Mushroom refuses to go out in solidarity.  All my visions came crashing down!

But that’s okay, because instead they’ve done other things, including:

photo 2 (8)

  • Made up their own role playing game with a board and dice
  • Built three different variations of guitar games with the Makey Makey (one is in the picture above)
  • Lazed on the sofa and watched every single Regular Show (just trying to be honest here)
  • Invent a quiz show for the Husband and I to face off in (the Husband won, which is not a surprise since he’s an actual quiz show winner – he won the downpayment for our house on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire many years ago)
  • Played lots of board games
  • Made movies (the picture below is a still of BalletBoy’s movie featuring Mushroom as an inventor who makes a robot that goes berserk)
  • Added several hours to their summer reading charts for the library


It’s hard to be stuck inside in the summer, but I’m glad my kids can still make lemonade out of lemons.

Next week, they’re off to summer camp.  BalletBoy is starting to hobble a little better and his stitches will be out soon.  Hopefully I’ll have a nice break and they’ll have a good time at their camps.


Just appreciating so much that my kids have two living great grandparents who they will know and remember.  What a great link to the past it has been during our year of studying modern history as well to be able to say, your Banny was just a toddler when the Great Depression began or your Banny got married during World War II.  How amazing it is to have that living, grounded link to the past and that multi-generational love.  It is a good bit of a drive to see my grandmother so we don’t get to go often, but worth every moment when we do.


Sorry for the blog slowness.  We have been traveling and enjoying summer fireworks and family and swimming and so forth, as well as keeping up school the best we can (so we can take off in the fall).  I’ll have more to post later this week.

Oversensitive Summer Schoolers

I’m in some sort of weird oversensitive phase about schooling.  The other day, the Husband is like, the kids are doing a bit of nothing all day.  And I think I may have literally jumped down his throat to be like, we only had a single week off from Shakespeare Camp!  And we’re going to do school all of July and August!  AND everyone else is giving me flack for that!  Gah!  I can’t take it from both sides!

Yeah.  A slight overreaction.

I like to see myself as walking this perfect line.  Okay, not perfect, I’m never perfect, but stay with me as I’m in fantasy land.  I like to see myself walking this line, getting the best of both worlds all the time.  We’re relaxed but rigorous.  We have strong routines but we’re flexible.  We eat our vegetables and our junk food.  We take time off when we need to because we’re so flexible.  I know, complete fantasy land, right?  Sigh.

A part of me knows we really should get back to school and even wants to do it.  We took off a lot of spring for travel and break, plus more than three weeks for our Shakespeare production, some of which was complete break time for the kids.  We haven’t finished my science or history goals for the year.  Mushroom hasn’t finished math.  BalletBoy needs to finished up Explode the Code once and for all.

But there’s something perfect about a free summer, right?  And it doesn’t help when other homeschoolers look a bit appalled at me that we’ll be in the middle of multiplication drills again in another week.  The whole point should be flexibility.  Yet for some reason I feel this pressure to “do summer.”  Summer travel, swimming at the pool, outdoor music, free outdoor movies, farmer’s market mornings, splash parks, amusement parks, bike rides, lazy afternoons reading, making ice cream…

I know, I’m being absurd.  And oversensitive.  And the kids don’t mind.  AND we’ll make ice cream.  AND besides, the pool doesn’t open until noon anyway.  So I should get over myself and get ourselves back to work.

Besides, what could be more summer than running through the fountain every time we pass?  It’s just up the street, after all.