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February Advice: Get Out of Town

Hating February is a long tradition.  As you may already know, the Romans disliked February so much, they shorted it on days.  That’s how enshrined the February blahs are.  It’s the month that everything seems wrong.  Someone told me it’s the month you’re most likely to question whether you should really be homeschooling.  I can believe it.

That’s why we try to take a vacation in February.  Even if it’s a short one, like this year’s two day trip to a ski resort.  It doesn’t always happen, but we’ve had several big trips in February in the past.  I know not everyone can afford to flee town in February, but if you can, I really recommend it.


Separating Twins

We’re on our school break right now, so things have been slow here.  I really like this rhythm of starting our vacation as everyone else goes back.  Not because it feels like thumbing our noses at the schooled world (well, maybe a little because of that) but mostly because it lets us ease into activities as they ramp up, appreciate all the various fall festivals, and take trips when no one else is traveling.

To that final end, the Husband and I took separate trips with the kids this year.  We did this awhile back and felt it was high time to do it again.  So the Husband went off to New York City on the Megabus to take BalletBoy to row in Central Park, walk through the High Line, wander the neighborhoods, see The Lion King, and indulge in all the various sweets New York has to offer.


Meanwhile, Mushroom and I gallivanted off to Williamsburg, where we rode rides at Busch Gardens, slid down the water slides at Great Wolf Lodge, helped stop loyalist spies in the colonial city, ate lots of delish food, and battled dragons in Magiquest.


We don’t do these things often enough, but with all the brotherly squabbles we’ve had lately, it’s been present in my mind how important it is for my duo to get time apart.  It’s also   Of course, when they reunite is what’s special, because they are able to show how much they love each other.

Now activities are back in full swing.  Soccer games, ballet classes, co-op, piano lessons…  But I feel like we’re still at our leisurely pace even as the weather cools off.