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What’s Wrong With Me?

Not long ago, despite the fact that I had perfectly good books waiting for me, books I even wanted to read, I decided to read Ally Condie’s follow up to her bestseller Matched, the YA novel Crossed.  If you’re an avid reader of this blog, then you may remember I didn’t even like Matched!  Yet, there I found myself reading the sequel.  Nay, actually quickly reading the sequel.  What’s wrong with me?  And why is it that one can read some books, thinking, “this is terrible writing,” yet want to keep reading?  I will ashamedly admit that Twilight did it to me too, yet I’m not even sure why.  Is it like watching a train wreck?  Do we secretly want books that aren’t that good sometimes?

Well, regardless, Crossed picks up where Matched left off.  Cassia is a goody two shoes in love with Ky, an outcast in their tightly controled future society.  Separately, they escape from a nonsensical war zone, make some new friends, and take a harrowing trip through a canyon.  Along the way, they read a bunch of old poetry.  Yes, my summary is a little snarky.

Condie adds Ky’s voice to this book, alternating between his perspective and Cassia’s.  Despite the whiplash I got when the sections jumped so fast that conversations would start in one and finish in the next, I actually think she does a much better job with his voice.  There’s something more believable about him.  At some point partway through, I thought, you know, this book is sort of better than the first one.  But then it left on an even bigger cliffhanger than the first one and I found myself not only annoyed by that, but by some of the other dangling mysteries, like what in the world is up with that war that makes no sense.  Oh, and did I mention a secret cave full of DNA samples?

But, of course, the biggest cliffhanger of all is will I get sucked into reading the next one?  And if so, why?  Just…  why?