Twinship Drama


I feel like I’ve been observing a lot of twin struggles and behaviors at the Rowhouse lately.  A jumble of thoughts…

  • When the boys talk to each other, they go a million miles a minute, skip words and mumble.  I never thought of them as having a twinspeak before, but approaching age nine, they still sound so unintelligible when they talk to each other.  I’ve started to wonder if it might be considered a form of twinspeak.
  • Mushroom drives BalletBoy crazy when he gets overly anxious and throws up drama.
  • BalletBoy drives Mushroom crazy by needing to play all the time.  He’d rather have more quiet times and BalletBoy being a whiner at him only makes it worse.
  • Mushroom still needs his sleep like a toddler.  Early to bed early to rise.  BalletBoy is slowly working on becoming a night owl this summer.
  • BalletBoy is often furious at Mushroom for dreaming up a game or a new facet of their imaginary world together and then not being interested in playing together with it more.
  • BalletBoy is tentatively more adventurous lately.  He will walk to the faraway park instead of the corner park, but Mushroom’s anxiety keeps him from going.

Overall, I see a lot of tension between them.  They’ve always been so in sync and so harmonious that I think they don’t fully understand that they’re separate people.  Maybe that’s an extreme statement, but it does feel like they see each other almost like appendages of themselves.  They assume that the other will always want what they want, always agree, always go along.  Of course, the older they get, the less true that will be.  For the first time since they were out of diapers, they have laid hands on each other in anger a couple of times this summer.  It was quite a shock to me and a shock to them too, I think.  No terrible hurts, but I see it a possible signpost of tween and teen twin trouble down the road.

Next month, the Husband and I will take them on separate weekend getaways, which should be good for their budding separation.

1 thought on “Twinship Drama

  1. I would assume they will go through phases. Our identicals certainly do. Some periods of time they are at each others throats, and sometimes they are fine. We are at the very beginning stages of looking at colleges and it is interesting to think ahead to a time when they aren’t together. All signs point to them going their separate ways for college. As much as I love that they’ve had each other, I also think it will be good for them to develop some more apart.

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